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Key Design Element for Classic English Style Kitchen

When you think about an English style kitchen, are you imagining an old-fashioned kitchen with a Victorian design? With rustic embellishments, subtle interior decor, that focuses on functionality. English style kitchens are striking with their spacious feeling and traditional designs.  Recently, plain English kitchens have had a resurgence with their […]

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White Cabinets And Kitchen by Cabinets & Granite Direct

5 things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Countertops

As soon as you enter the kitchen, the first thing that catches the eye is the countertops (unless of course, something is burning on the stove). They’re constantly occupied, you chop, dice, slice, place condiments, or simply put your groceries on them. It makes sense to change them once in […]

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Perfect Combination Of Colors In Your Kitchen By Cabinets & Granite Direct

6 Things to Keep in Mind while Redesigning Your Kitchen

Gone are the days when your kitchen was a small space where you cooked and washed the dishes. The modern kitchen is now an extension of the living room. It’s where you gather with friends and family over meal prep, and for simple things like recapping each other’s day. Let’s […]

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White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Combination | Cabinets & Granite Direct

Kitchen Cabinets vs Kitchen Shelving: Pros & Cons

This guide is for you to make the right choice. Whether you want more storage or more accessible room, we’re here to help. Kitchen cabinets have their benefits, but kitchen shelvings are gaining popularity in kitchen transformations. Cabinets or shelves? Which one to choose?  To help you choose, we’ve listed […]

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Dare to be bold with the Kitchen design | Cabinets & Granite Direct

Dare to be bold with the Kitchen design: Kitchen Design Trends

The most used room in the house is the kitchen. You can prepare meals, host parties, entertain guests, have a talk over a cup of coffee, or maybe write a journal on a quiet evening; kitchens do it all for you. So give them the vogue treatment with our list […]

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