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Key Design Element for Classic English Style Kitchen

When you think about an English style kitchen, are you imagining an old-fashioned kitchen with a Victorian design? With rustic embellishments, subtle interior decor, that focuses on functionality. English style kitchens are striking with their spacious feeling and traditional designs. 

Recently, plain English kitchens have had a resurgence with their modern, simple,  pared-down style that is without a doubt simple, but also very welcoming.

So, here are a few key design element for classic English style kitchens:

Paint style and colors

For the laid back feeling of an English kitchen, it’s actually better to use muted colors rather than eye-catching colors. The cabinets and walls should be a single color. Today’s English kitchens are hand-painted and mostly use eggshell sheen for a natural feel.

Traditional and long-lasting materials

Though an English kitchen may not have a very fancy design, it makes up for it with a traditional look and superior quality material. Every detail is important, from low luster to custom finishes on marble or wood,  the general aesthetic is simple rather than glamourous.

Importance of Function

In Georgian times, the English prized symmetry and proper architectural design. But, the functionality of their kitchen was the most important thing. “Like the joiners of the 18th century, we are not obsessed with symmetry,” says Merlin Wright, design director for Plain English. “Sometimes a scheme calls for it, but in many situations, it can create an effect that is overbearing.” 

Additional must-have details

Taking a more aesthetic approach instead of the usual cabinetry is crucial. “We would rather create a beautiful stand-alone cupboard to sit on one side of the kitchen than a busy row of wall cupboards,” says Wright. Getting an AGA would help the overall look of the kitchen as well. “This is a traditional British stove often found in country homes in the UK,” says Wright. “They’re available in an array of colors and as they can be left on all the time, they keep the kitchen lovely and warm. Perfect for the British climate!” 

If you prefer tradition and functionality then an English style kitchen is the best option for you. Let’s get started, contact us today!