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6 Things to Keep in Mind while Redesigning Your Kitchen

Gone are the days when your kitchen was a small space where you cooked and washed the dishes. The modern kitchen is now an extension of the living room. It’s where you gather with friends and family over meal prep, and for simple things like recapping each other’s day. Let’s walk through the most common kitchen types to help you choose what fits your lifestyle : 

The Basic Modern Kitchen Types 

  • One-Wall Kitchen
  • Galley Kitchen 
  • L-Shaped Kitchen
  • Horseshoe Kitchen 
  • Peninsula Kitchen

One-Wall Kitchen

If you want to save space, go for the one-wall kitchen. Studio and small apartment owners love this concept because it works so well. The cabinets and appliances are attached along one wall. This is a great setup for a kitchen island.

The Galley Kitchen 

A galley kitchen has two parallel counter-tops with a walk-through between them. Galleys fully utilize space. So, you can forget about any troublesome corner cabinets poking out. They’re a popular choice for one-cook kitchens. 

L-Shaped Kitchen

For a sophisticated look, choose an L-shaped kitchen. It’s great for small and medium-sized kitchens. L-shaped kitchens have two perpendicular walls that form an L. You can elongate the L of the design as much as you need, for dining space and work zones. 

The Horse-Shoe Kitchen

This design has three-walls. Arrange your cabinets or appliances in a U-shape. Modern kitchen designs use an island as the third wall. You’ll love this design when hosting friends and families for dinner parties. Plus, it facilitates more than just one cook. 

The Island Kitchen  

An island kitchen helps you arrange your cabinets and appliances perfectly. The options are endless.  Put in a sink, use it as a serving space, or add stools for a dining area. Trust us when we tell you that the Island can change your kitchen. Your kitchen’s L-shaped layout can be changed to a horseshoe with an island kitchen. 

The Peninsula Kitchen 

Like an island, the Peninsula extension for your contemporary kitchen saves space. It’s the dividing element of your kitchen. Arrange it in different ways. Convert your L-shaped kitchen to a horseshoe, or turn your horseshoe kitchen to a G-shaped kitchen using a Peninsula. 

Keep your kitchen’s space in mind before starting the design process. You definitely want to have multiple functionalities in the space. Island and Peninsula extensions are the best options to consider if you’re looking for purposeful design. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. Let us know which kitchen type works for you. Happy re-designing!