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Polished or Honed: Work Your Granite Your Way

Granite is widely used for countertops. Homeowners are focused on adding natural material to their interior spaces. They’re not only stunning and elegant but are also easy-to-maintain with their durable surface. They aren’t highly affected by heat and are scratch-resistant, making them the perfect alternative for kitchens or bathrooms.

What’s The Difference between Honed and Polished Granite?

The rough stone slab is subject to a number of finishing processes. First, the slab passes through a series of polishing wheels equipped with abrasive coarse pads. These pads put pressure on the surface of the stone, grinding and buffering.

  • If manufacturers stop the finishing process before the stone surface is shiny, a sharp granite finish is produced, leaving it with a satin or matte look.
  • When the stone is buffed with fine polishing pads, a polished granite finish is produced, allowing the surface to achieve a shiny, reflective appearance.
Honed Granite Polished Granite
1 No grinding is needed, hence, these are inexpensive. Polished granite requires more grinding, which makes it expensive.
2 Honed surfaces are smooth but much more porous than polished ones. As polished granite is not as porous as other surface finishes.
3 Honed is quite susceptible to stain – heavily colored food and drinks can leave stains when spilt on the surface and lead to dark spots or discoloration. The surface may even be etched by acidic liquids such as fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and soda. The polished stone easily repels moisture and doesn’t harbor bacteria, so for food preparation areas such as kitchen counters and tabletops it’s an exceptional choice.
4 It requires more maintenance.  It requires less maintenance.
5 Resealing is required frequently. Resealing is not required frequently.

So, the question is should you go for honed or polished granite? There is no definite answer – both the finishes have their pros and cons. The choice comes down to your personal taste and your home’s environment.

But, make sure that you have the important information. Read online customer reviews, compare prices and specifications for repairs, and see some samples before making your final decision.

Whether it’s honed or polished countertops, you’ll definitely have a high-performing natural stoner’s strength and longevity. The various types of finishes allow you to capitalize on the beauty and functionality in a way that fits perfectly with your needs and aesthetic preferences. To see what we have to offer, check out the collection