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6 Common Types of Granite Countertop Problems

Granite is durable, but don’t expect it to be problem-free. Let’s take a look at some common problems faced with granite countertops, and how to prevent them.


Stubborn Stains


Granite is resistant to stains, here is how to avoid discoloration. Any liquid can leave stains. Protect granite from oils, fruit, juice, and wine.  The good news is that baking soda really helps. Make a paste of baking soda, and acetone. Any organic stains can be easily removed using this paste. Soak a paper towel in bleach, and wipe the affected areas.


Eerie Etching


Etching occurs when granite is exposed to vinegar, fruit juice, and ammonia. Etching dulls the marble. Prevent etching through proper sealing, and make sure your countertops are well guarded. Don’t experiment with household cleaning products as they’re corrosive and acidic. Wipe up the spills the right way to save your countertops. 


Stubborn Chipping


White granite is hard, any hard material can chip it. Chipping occurs around the sink or the edges. It can also be felt easily. Prevent long-term damage by lifting any heavy-weight objects above the countertop. 


Continuous Hazing


Don’t worry if the stone appears cloudy or hazy. A lot of factors are involved in this. Wrong cleaning products is one of the typical reasons. Avoid using dish soap too, as it makes the surface appear dull. Stone-safe cleaners come in handy for this.


Granite doesn’t crack in normal circumstances. But, it cracks under the weight of a heavy object.  Marble gets damaged during stress-handling, fabrication or installation. You’ll observe stress fractures when someone stands on the countertops or when someone places a hot object on it.

Heat Damage

Granite is heat resistant but hotpots and pans are damaging. Repeatedly placing hot objects leave black marks on the granite countertops. Extreme heat leaves a permanent mark on your countertops. 

Take care of your granite countertops to keep it nice and shiny. Protect it from heat or any stress. We hope our tips help you take care of it. Let us know in the comments below about your experiences.