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5 things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Your Countertops

As soon as you enter the kitchen, the first thing that catches the eye is the countertops (unless of course, something is burning on the stove). They’re constantly occupied, you chop, dice, slice, place condiments, or simply put your groceries on them. It makes sense to change them once in a while. They get dirty, damaged, or you might simply want a change. Whatever your reason, we are here to explain some of the options.

1. Cleaning

With all the work you do on the countertop, cleaning them should be easy. For example, when choosing granite talk with an expert, will it need repeated sealing treatments to prevent stains?. Solid surfaces are non-porous and easy to clean. Quartz surfaces also clean easily. Marble countertops are tricky, even when they’re sealed. Stainless steel countertops are stain-resistant and, more suitable for commercial kitchens.

2. Appearance

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It goes without saying that you should get something attractive for your kitchen. Marble countertops have an elegant feel while granite has natural patterns. It’s not really a question of which is better, it is more about what suits you more. Solid surface countertops are another option if you want something different from marble and granite. Quartz countertops offer a greater range of patterns.



3. Durability

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Functionality is a practical feature in choosing countertops. Naturally, you’d want scratch-resistant and heat-resistant countertops. Granite countertops can withstand knife blades and hot skillets but laminated and solid surface can’t. Tiles are also heat resistant and are tough against sharp objects. The best part is, they are easy to replace if they get nicked.

Laminate is susceptible to burns and scratches. Soapstone countertops are trendy but even a single knife scratch is their kryptonite. Soapstone is uneven, which can scratch glassware.

Also, keep the weight of your countertops in mind. Concrete and granite are quite heavy and need strong support. Paper composite countertops are sturdy and lightweight. Surprisingly, they are water and heat resistant, which makes them ideal for busy kitchens.

4. Health

Since we prepare food on countertops, their hygiene should be a primary concern. Food contamination can lead to illness. This is why many prefer grooveless countertops, avoiding tiles in the kitchens opting for a solid surface. One solution is sealing granite and concrete countertop, but this is labor-intensive and costly, and might not be feasible for some.

5. Price

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To many, the price might be the deciding factor in choosing a countertop. A countertop might be expensive but that doesn’t make the cheaper options ideal.

Granite leads the way. It’s strong, durable and heat resistant. A bit pricey, yes, but in the long run, it holds up against wear, tears, and heat. Granite countertops are great but that doesn’t make them the only choice.

If you feel overwhelmed by the choices you can call a professional contractor. They help you make choices within your budget that are functional and fit your personal style.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to settle on one material, combine them based on your taste and needs.

Cabinets & Granite Direct’s team of experts are here to help with all of your kitchen and bathroom countertop questions. Contact us today!